Faux Métier Record : an artist-less label


Faux Métier Record is a label based in Guyana , with more than 14 releases, they have been in the business for 3 years now always trying to give the best as they can to dancers lover and the DJ. 

Faux Métier isn’t available on Spotify, iTunes, Grooveshark or any other large commercial/prophet driven digital music platforms - keeping the music firmly in the hands of the DJ 

Faux Métier are an artist-less label; meaning that the label don’t promote the artist, producer, remixer or other. All the tracks came from the name of Faux Métier, you don’t need to know more and that’s why we like it : Music without glory as they said. 

 ”Let the music be the sole factor of judgement” 


A tracklist-less podcast by an artist-less label.


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We are excited to present you our first housy podcast, made by Deep Excavation an Irish underground label !


Deep Excavations is composed by Alan Damien and Steve, this guys set up a record label two years ago in Ireland: releasing 4 E.P’s to date with 2 more in the pipe line for early 2014. “We try to incorporate some Irish or Irish based producers or remixers on all our releases. Whilst we are not restricted to this, we feel there is huge Irish talent in the electronic dance music industry who may not get the time of day in a flooded market.”

Between them they have DJ along side acts such as, Fish Go Deep, Inland Knights, Nic Fanciulli, Layo & Bushwacka and Martin “At Jazz” Iveson to name but a few, we have played in the Twisted Pepper and Bernard Shaw in Dublin, Crystal Nightclub in Waterford and countless other venues in Waterford, Tipperary, Cork and Limerick. With ‘Deep Excavation Recordings’ having worked with some established producers such as Gavin Boyce, Pete Moss and Joe Flores aka Joeski. And of course some up and coming Irish producers such as Colin Balzli, Did O Dea, Andy O Donoghue and Wayne Duggan.


/////// TRACKLISTS : ///////

Laidback - White Horse (Get Down Edits Quick Fix)

Brame & Hamo - The Fever Cal Gregory 

Cloud 9 Stefano Esposito - into your own

Catz n dogz feat Paul Randolph - I’m free (Carl Craig mix)

Robert Bruen - eyes open (Wayne duggan mix)


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